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Life becomes "Better" when you live it to its fullest

           Life is "Best" when you can Live Life & Travel

Living Life & Traveling is what the SG Resorts  "Living Benefits Program is all about !

Assuring You A  More  Rewarding & Affordable Lifestyle


Living Benefits

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Living Benefits

Lifestyle Upgrades

Affordable Dream Vacation

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Living Benefits underwritten by SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, LLC are designed to make your time away from work more enjoyable and this is especially true when you consider most people who work all year at a JOB deserve  & desire time away from work, time to themselves void of the pressures of the job and everyday life.   The SG Living Benefits Program was created to make life more enjoyable by allowing the beneficiary (YOU) to LIVE LIFE & TRAVEL making time away from work your time and a "Living Benefit" for you.  SG Resorts offers you the "Escape Plan" for better living. 

Considering the fact that almost every person who takes a vacation would love to not only save money but would also like to take a better vacation, a Dream Vacation, or at least a more affordable vacation.  The SG Living Benefits Program also addresses this issue by making Dream Vacations not only more affordable, starting at $129 for an entire week, but also by making it possible for you to take  more vacations.  SG Living Benefits are  "triggered " by  your desire to LIVE LIFE & TRAVEL making the trigger for the SG Living Benefits a positive trigger unlike the "trigger" for Life Insurance and Health Insurance which has a "negative" trigger.



Understanding the difference between Insurance and Assurance  and what triggers the benefits for each is something one should understand.  Knowing a living benefit from a benefit triggered by a tragic or economic event is also paramount in understanding the value of "Living Benefits" and the Group & Association Programs underwritten by SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, LLC.

Insurance is something you purchase to protect yourself from an economic loss.  Assurance is something you receive to make you feel more comfortable or secure in knowing "something" is going to happen.  The Living Benefits Program underwritten by SG Resorts gives you the "assurance" that your life will become more rewarding from benefits you will receive focused on making your life more enjoyable rather than benefits that only become benefits after something bad happens.  In the case of Health Insurance someone must get sick or need medical attention and in the case of Life Insurance someone must die before the benefit is received or paid.  Not true with "Living Benefits" which are triggered by the desire to enjoy life, save money while doing so, and receive benefits that are triggered by the desire to simply Live Life & Travel. 

Why do people buy Insurance?  Most people purchase insurance to reduce the risk of a financial loss created by some negative event.  Insurance compensates the beneficiary (you) by offsetting the impact of a  financial loss. Just consider the fact that people purchase Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance, and other forms of insurance designed to minimize or eliminate a financial loss.  In today's Society many Employers offer Group Insurance Packages and many Groups & Associations offer "value added" benefits to both Keep members and attract new members and more often than not those "value added services" come in the form of insurance or other benefits that save people money on something they may need or use on an everyday basis.  Value Added Services offered by many Associations included such items as: savings on car rentals, savings on travel, discounts on certain products, as well as other services all focused upon saving money. 


Why should people buy Assurance?  Assurance is purchased or should be purchased to make certain something planned will happen and this becomes the foundation and building blocks for the SG Resorts Living Benefits Programs. You should consider purchasing Assurance when you want to make certain something you desire happens.  If you have the desire to enjoy your life, spend time on vacation with your family, take Dream Vacations, save money on all your travel needs including airfare, hotels, resorts, car rentals, cruise vacations, and general lifestyle improvements then you should consider the Living Benefits Program underwritten by SG Resorts as your "assurance" of a lifestyle upgrade. 

Research Tells Us: All the latest research regarding mental health and productive employees make specific reference to the quality of life and how important vacation time is for not only the mental health of an employee but the functionality of employees in the workplace.  Research points to VACATIONS as a solution to improving both mental health and workplace production.  Research indicates that employees who take vacations become more productive in the workplace but only when they actually take a vacation without taking "work" with them on vacation.  The same research indicates that the mental health of almost everyone who takes a vacation improves because they are able to "disconnect" from the pressures of work and everyday life while on vacation and this "disconnect" allows the individual to recharge and revitalize their outlook on life and how they live their lives.  Vacations provide a means for individuals to improve their mental health.

Health Insurance protects an Individual along with his or her family members from a financial loss due to an injury or sickness while Life Insurance offers a type of  "Financial Guarantee" to families in the event of death.   The primary benefit of both Life & Health Insurance is "financial protection against financial loss"  and both Life & Health Insurance are triggered by a NEGATIVE event.   In the most basic terms: Life Insurance only pays when someone dies and Health Insurance pays when someone gets sick ,injured or needs to see a doctor. The benefits of both only become a benefit if something bad or negative happens.  Fast Forward to the end of the day and both Life & Health Insurance SAVE or GIVE you money after the benefit is triggered by an event that costs you money.

SG LIVING BENEFITS also protects and provides benefits that offer you a "Financial Guarantee" but, unlike most forms of Insurance, you do not have to suffer a financial loss to collect on a SG Resorts Living Benefit.  SG Living Benefits are designed to SAVE you money not pay you or reimburse you money after you suffering an insured loss.  Living Benefits offer you upfront savings on everyday lifestyle items with a Product most everyone can use, appreciate, and afford. 

The Background & Creation of SG Living Benefits The founding father of SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, LLC  is (Richard J. Schecher, Sr.) and he is considered by many to be an Insurance Expert with over 45 years experience in the Insurance Industry specializing in Group & Association Benefit Programs.   In 2018, Schecher created the SG Living Benefits Program for Groups & Associations with an objective of making life more enjoyable by offering living benefits that are triggered by the desire of the beneficiary (YOU) to simply LIVE LIFE & TRAVEL.  Schecher created a Benefits Program that saves the beneficiary (you) money upfront rather than offering a benefit that pays after you do or after you suffer a loss.  Living Benefits are benefits that DO NOT require a LOSS to happen for the benefit to be a benefit.  Living Benefits are designed to make living more enjoyable and more affordable rather than respond to a financial loss due to an event. 

Ask yourself - How many times have you heard someone say: "I need a vacation"?

Living Benefits are focused upon YOU and saving YOU serious money on all your travel & vacation needs.  Most everyone with a job takes a vacation or would love to take a vacation of at least one week per year while others vacation as many as six (6) weeks per year.  In today's modern world travel by AIR is considered the "Way To Go" and everyone who travels by AIR always try to find the lowest fares, while everyone who takes a vacation has a Dream Vacation and most everyone is always looking to save money when they plan a vacation.  There is plenty of research on the relationship between Vacations and Mental Health and it all  supports the need for vacation time simply because taking a vacation is just healthy for everyone. Sadly  the same research indicates  that 42% of Americans who actually receive EMPLOYER PAID VACATION TIME  do not take a vacation claiming they can't afford to go as their number #1 excuse as to why they don't go on vacation.  

The Living Benefits Program underwritten by SG Resorts is designed to save the beneficiary (YOU) serious UPFRONT money on ALL of your travel & vacation needs with benefits focused upon improving  mental & physical health which are triggered by a desire to the LIVE LIFE & TRAVEL.  The Living Benefits offered by SG Resorts are in the form of a Private Membership to one of the many Clubs or Divisions of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, LLC.   As a member of one these Privately Label  Clubs you enjoy a lifetime of travel & vacation savings with a membership that basically pays for itself every time you use it and this feature is in itself a "living benefit" simply because the more you travel, vacation, and live your life to the fullest - the more you save and your savings actually exceeds the cost of the benefit making the benefit a true "Living Benefit". 


Your SG Living Benefits are real and backed by the SG Guarantee that you receive the lowest possible price on all your travel & vacation needs regardless of whether it is: airfares, hotels, resort bookings, cruise vacations, weekly Dream Vacations. booking T-Times at member golf courses, or placing your timeshare into the Club's Exchange Network.  You not only get a Lowest Price Guarantee, you earn valuable "Reward Credits" on every purchase you make. Reward Credits are as good as "cash" and can be used to pay your annual dues or for future travel.


All the research supports the fact that the  Living Benefits provided by SG Resorts will make your life more enjoyable, your mental and physical health healthier, and you will become a more productive  person in the workplace or at school, and you will receive a huge Lifestyle Upgrade in the form of Dream Vacations or simply being able to travel more because your travel dollars go much future with the upfront savings provided by the SG Resorts Living Benefits Program. 

Live Life & Travel

Richard J. Schecher Sr.

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