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New Member Orientation

This is our new members page where our new club members can both discover and learn about the many benefits available to them with their new Travel & Vacation Club Membership.  There are basically two types of memberships available.

The first is our Free Trial Membership or better known as a Boomerang Membership. This membership is available at no cost to certain groups and qualified individuals.  Our Boomerang Membership allows the new member to enjoy many but not all of the club benefits. One of the key differences between the Boomerang Membership and the Regular Club Membership is in the "Savings" provided to the member when booking at any of the 1,000,000+ properties including hotels, resorts, and luxury homes.  The Boomerang Membership still provides the lowest possible rate but the savings is one-half the amount a full or regular member enjoys. In other words, the regular member would save $100 on a particular booking and the boomerang member would receive a $50 savings on the same booking.  One other major difference between the Boomerang and Regular Membership is "Reward Credits" and we offer several videos for our members to view to see just how valuable Reward Credits are and how they are used the same as cash for future travel, to may annual dues, or to purchase gift certificates. 

Regular Members enjoy a wide array of benefits over and above the key benefits provided to our Boomerang Members. On this page you will find several videos that  outline the many reasons why you would want to upgrade your Boomerang Membership to a Regular Membership. We hope you enjoy this page as it was created to help our new members understand their membership and hopefully motivate all members to use your membership to book all of their travel needs.  At the end of the day, nobody beats our Club Rates and nobody provides the member services that the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club does. 

Please take the time to watch our #1 Video. It is long but you can stop and come back to it over time. This video will outline the many benefits you can enjoy and it is your road map to a lifetime of vacation savings. The more you use your membership the more you save and the more you save the more vacations you can afford to take.   - Welcome to the club 

#1 - Must watch orientation video

This video offers the most comprehensive overview of your new club membership and is a "must watch" video. 

#2 - The Boomerang Membership

This video outlines the many benefits of a Regular Membership which allow you to offer free Boomerang Memberships to your family & friends. Regular Members earn valuable reward credits while giving their friends and family the ability to book and save as a Boomerang Member of the Club. 

#3 - Guaranteed Lowest Rates - How we do it

This video explains how we are able to offer our members the lowest rates at 1,000,000+ properties including the top branded hotels, resorts, luxury homes, car rentals, and much more.  We are a "private network" and this is explained in great detail in this video along with the Reward Credits and how many members use them.

#4  - Group & Association Benefits - Living Benefits for your group or association

This video addresses the "Living Benefits" Programs available from SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club, LLC. Discover how your group or association can offer its membership a true value added benefit at no cost and a benefit that can become priceless for those who use it. Group & Association Program vary in benefits & price and are subject to change depending upon the individual needs of the Group & Association Membership. 

THE ULTIMATE TEST - Just how good is your club membership? If you can book a room on New Year's Eve in NYC you know your in the "right" club.  SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club delivers what other promise.

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