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From the desk of 

            Richard J. Schecher, Sr.

Dear Travel & Vacation Lovers,


"We all dream of traveling more. We dream of checking off our bucket lists. We dream of memorable family vacations that will leave lifetime lasting impressions for ourselves and our children. But travel gets expensive, especially when it’s last minute travel plans, for travel that includes extended stays, or travel when you bring the entire family. 


Did you know the travel industry has a big secret they’ve been keeping from us for a long time?  Yes, it is true. Hotels, airlines, cruise lines and other travel related providers, including travel agencies like Travelocity, Expedia and Kayak, all offer rates at discounted prices and all claim to offer the lowest rates. They do this because there is a travel industry practice where they all agree to maintain what is known as “parity.” “Parity" means that none of them will offer rates below wholesale to the general public. Thus, when you search for hotels, cruises, and resorts on discount sites like Travelocity, Expedia, and Kayak, you’re not actually getting the lowest price like you think you are. All of these sites have contracted with hotels, cruise lines, airlines, ect., which gives them prices at wholesale  “parity" with all other travel agents, which they then they mark up to make a profit. 


The actual hotels, airlines, cruise lines will likewise not offer rates below wholesale to the public, based on their contractual agreements with travel agencies that require them to maintain parity. In the end, this practice of maintaining “parity” means that their prices are all nearly the same; and none are below wholesale. 


But how great would it be for you to be able to get travel prices below wholesale; below what all the travel sites can offer and below what the actual hotels, cruise lines, airlines all offer?  The truth is that you can. This is what the travel industry does not tell you.

Have you ever wondered why hotels and flights that are not full do not just drastically drop their prices to fill them? Well, they actually do. We just don’t see them, because they do not offer below wholesale prices to the general public. What they do, however, is offer below wholesale prices to Travel Industry Wholesalers. For example, when  hotels have empty rooms they want to fill, they sell those rooms in something called the below wholesale market. 

This is a secret niche in the travel industry where you can save serious money on everything travel-related: cruises, rental cars, hotels, travel packages, flights, and more. It’s called "below wholesale travel." It allows you to gain access to below wholesale prices. YOU get the bottom line price, and not a middle man. 


This is where SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club comes in. We have prime contracts throughout the Travel Industry with over One Million Properties that enables us to provide below wholesale prices or what we call the “Lowest Prices On Planet Earth” on all kinds of travel services, from hotels, to airlines, cruises, car rentals etc. Think of it like a Costco or Sam's Club membership; only better!

We recognize that there are a lot of companies offering so-called travel discounts that are not real. Therefore, in order to give you the confidence and assurance that our program is "as great as it truly is," we are offering a free membership.

 Truly yours,

 Richard J. Schecher, Sr.

Company Founder & President

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