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If you would like a FREE LOOK into the world of SG Resorts you can accomplish this as a "Temporary Guest Member" of the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club.  As a "Guest Member" you will be able to enjoy 50% of the savings regular SG Resort Travel & Vacation Club Members receive on all their travel & vacation bookings. 

If you are planning any travel in the next six months, you need to take advantage of this limited FREE Offer to become a Temporary Guest Member of our Club.  Your membership is totally FREE and it is good for one full year.  As a Guest Member you will have full access to the Club's Private Travel Network of over 1,000,000+ Properties where you are guaranteed the lowest possible rates.  In fact the rates you will receive are "Member Only" rates and not published on any public network as evidenced by the fact that our Club Rates beat all published Internet rates on a daily basis.  Nobody can beat the SG Resorts Travel & Vacation Club "Member Only" Rates. 

Check out our "Member Orientation" Video and our "How We Do IT" Video below. You will be amazed to learn how we are able to offer our membership the lowest possible rates on planet earth. 

The SG Private Network 

Why Club Rates Are Low

The SG Weekly Rentals 

Priced At Nightly Rates

Guaranteed Savings

Huge Savings 
Member Only Rates 
Best Rate Guarantee 
Travel Reward Credits
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Own a vacation week for as little as $21,500 USD

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Lifestyle Holidays

Enjoy our Presidential Suites at our most popular Resort

Lifestyle Holidays Resort 

Own a vacation week for as little as $18,500 USD

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Miami Beach

Own your very own vacation week on Miami Beach at the New Casablanca on the Ocea

Own a vacation week for as little as $19,000 USD

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Florida Keys

The next best thing to being in the Caribbean is being in the Florida Keys & Key West 

Why buy a Vacation Home when you can purchase  a WEEK or a MONTH  in a Vacation Home and avoid almost ALL of the ownership costs ?

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